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May 2019 | Caspian One is welcoming a collection of new faces to the business - with new starters on all three divisions. UK FinTech is excited to be joined by Liam Wadham, Daniel Stanley-Clarke and Samuel Smithson… our Canadian division have embraced Connor Western, and Caspian One’s Broadcast Technology team have been joined by Tom Atter.

We’re excited to see how each of their careers at Caspian One progress, under the watchful guidance of our experienced management team; with new hires benefiting from 1:1 training with highly successful members of the business. For now, let’s explore what brought these consultants to our company…

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“Why Caspian One?”

[Liam] - I come from a very sporty background, taking part in things such as boxing, basketball, American football and a large variety of others. Previously, I was a Personal Trainer, but I suffered an injury which means I had to change career. I joined Caspian One because of the company culture, plus the benefits offered are fantastic and they’re based in a great location.

[Connor] - Having spent the last 6 years working abroad in various countries, when I returned to the UK I wanted to settle back at home in Bournemouth. Three of my friends currently work at Caspian One and explained about the role, earning potential and the office culture… and I knew it would be a great fit for what I was looking for.

[Tom] - Caspian One seems to have a great ethos and culture, and they put a lot of emphasis on strategy to ensure that what you do is worth doing - for a simpler, more likely route to success.

[Samuel] - Caspian One is a company that accommodates and encourages growth and drive amongst its recruiters, within specialised fields.

“What attracted you to a career in recruitment?”

[Connor] - Having both friends and family in recruitment, I had a brief understanding of the role. I am driven by targets and want to be in control of my earnings – with recruitment, I love the fact that the more I put in, the more I get out.

[Samuel] - I recently sat the final exam for my Political Economy master’s degree at King’s College London and have just moved back to Bournemouth to start my career. Recruitment appeals to me as a career because it is a challenging and driven role that assists others, and financially rewards success.

[Liam] - Being a PT and having to sell a service, I have many transferable skills. I like the fact that in recruitment there are clear progression opportunities and that you are in control of your own earnings.

[Tom] - I have been involved in a sales and people related jobs for over 20 years now (makes me feel old saying that) having done door-to-door sales, business-to-business, car sales, estate agency and recruitment. I have found recruitment to be the most interesting and satisfying of them all as you have two target audiences clients and candidates so you are always busy and I enjoy finding a client a great candidate, the candidate a great job/career and for me to make the placement.

“What is the most important thing for you to achieve this year?”

[Liam] - I want to save enough money to buy a 3-bedroom house.

[Daniel] - Growing within my industry, becoming a specialist and saving enough money to buy my first house.

“What is your biggest accomplishment to date - why have you been successful?”

[Liam] - I took part in the London Triathlon which I completed in approximately 1hr 30 minutes and raised over £500 for McMillan Cancer Support.

[Tom] - I think the key to my success has been empathy, and the ability to understand client and candidate needs, aligning my approach accordingly. This also helps to keep your head up in the more challenging times… reminding myself that they aren’t being rude they just don’t need me now, but they might in the future.

“Describe yourself in 3 words:”

[Daniel] - Energetic, Enthusiastic and Empathetic

[Tom] - If I were to describe myself in 3 words it would be Inquisitive, balanced and logical. I think some of my friends might pick 3 different ones though!

“What is top of your bucket list?”

[Connor] - Becoming fluent in Spanish, obtaining my flying licence and doing a solo sky dive

[Daniel] - Driving around America!

[Samuel] - To learn the piano

Where is your favourite place in the world?”

[Connor] - I have a special love for the Island of Limnos in Greece

[Liam] - I am half Scottish so my favourite place is Scotland. I love the big open green spaces and the area I used to live in was surrounded by beautiful mountains.

[Tom] - My favourite place in the world right now is at home, having just become a father I am enjoying looking after my young family. I’m hoping this will continue as we are renovating our house so I am financially obligated to enjoy it even more…..

Since 2004 Caspian One has provided contract and permanent staffing solutions to UK & International clients, throughout the FinTech and Broadcast Media and Entertainment technology industries.
We are innovation enablers, accelerating businesses to overcome legacy technologies, disrupt industries and compete for next-gen users. We're changing how organisations access technical capabilities...

For more information on careers at Caspian One, please see: or speak to Katie Holdsworth on +44 (0) 1202 979 705 |

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