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By 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally! Putting that into perspective, in 1986 the World’s complete technological capacity to store information was only 2.6 compressed exabytes - and it was only in 2004 that global internet traffic reached and overtook 1 exabyte per month.

When we look at this rapidly advancing growth in data production, it’s no surprise that the capabilities to analyse and translate this information are in such high demand. Within the financial markets, data-led technologies are leading the ‘big data’ movement; used by organisations to discover analytical trends, gain predictive insights and set future strategies.

However the analytical skills required by Financial Institutions are not industry exclusive. Whilst Caspian One predominantly works with Investment Banks and global Hedge Funds, there is also growing demand from the NHS, Formula One, NASA… ultimately all and any organisation that needs to analyse high volumes of data quickly.

KDB & Q | Market Data Analysts, KDB Developers, Market Data Engineers - these are the technical capabilities and people types we are locating for project-led and contract opportunities, in the London and global markets.

Our Analysts often have a physics or computer science background, although we do also consider people with Masters or PHD’s… especially within the fields of mathematics or economics, given the assistance a highly mathematical mindset can provide when problem solving. 
  • KDB
  • Q
  • Time Series
  • Market Data
Regions covered:
  • London
  • New York
  • Hong Kong
  • Chicago
  • Singapore

This market is in a high state of flux.
The adoption of AI and Cloud technologies, issues such-as IR35 coming to the private sector in 2020, cheaper locations outside of London, and of course… Brexit, have all played their part in making UK market conditions both unstable and very competitive. 

What we are witnessing is a continued high demand for market analytics and data analyst capabilities, and we expect that within the next 6-12 months the future of this market will become clearer and buyers obtain a better picture of what they’re looking for next.

I have been working with Ben and Caspian One for a number of years and I've not been disappointed yet with the calibre of teams and individuals they provide. Ben's knowledge and grasp of the requirements needed to build teams is great and I would continue to do business with him.

EMEA Head of Technology

Market People Types:
KDB Developer

Created and maintained a KDB+ data-warehouse of various sources of order data. Experience in scripting data downloading jobs, importing data for various data sources and scheduling daily download job.

Market People Types:
Market Data Engineer

Developing and managing the global rates and credit KDB+ plant. Wrote a deploy tool to distribute a global code-base and perform additional post release scripting which is now used as the primary bank-wide KDB+ deployment tool.

Market People Types:

Designed, measured, and executed complex marketing strategies for the world's largest technology companies and their channel partners. Creation of a fully automated system which collected data from a KDB database and loaded it to a KDB+ database which involved working with both K and Q.