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Business Change Engineering. This Financial market is home to our Business Analyst and Project Management communities, owned by Caspian One’s Gavin Cross and Holly Ferns. Typically working closely with a team of developers, BA’s & PM’s act as a bridge between corporate senior stakeholders and IT.

They translate need, challenge requirements, control timelines and particularly in the case of PM’s - are responsible for managing people and items of work. 

For BA/PM’s interpersonal skills are of vital importance. They need to be able to communicate clearly, present to and converse with senior leadership, and build relationships with a wide range of personality types - all whilst managing project expectations.

Generally BA/PM’s have a broad knowledge range, but those with niche specialisms are in higher demand e.g. in front office, BA’s working around cash equities with often have technical proficiencies in FIX and DMA. For those in more generalist positions, focus is more towards reporting and expertise on regulatory reporting; covering financial reporting streams like FINREP and COREP.

Project requirements can be highly variable in this market, and very business area dependant. In contracting the primary focus is regulatory, with MiFID II still ongoing, LIBOR to be delivered by 2022, and then financial change and financial regulations including IFSDR, FINREP, COREP, ICAAP and ILAAP. Brexit is also a key issue - with banks trying to predict what will happen and beginning to move areas of the business out of the UK to protect against worst case scenarios.

  • Regulatory driven change: Mifid, Basel, FRTB, SFTR, Fin Rep, Co Rep.
  • Finance Transformation and systems changes.
  • Operations transformation.
  • Finance P&L systems implementation.
  • Digital transformation
  • Product Innovation.
  • Greenfield projects.
  • Agile, Lean and Waterfall methodologies.
Conditions are unsurprisingly being dominated by financial regulations; this will continue for the foreseeable future.

In addition though, the emergence of new technologies, machine learning and data science is causing a growth in demand for BA/PM’s with strong data and analytics skill sets.

In-sync with Cloud-tech growth is the increasing want for BA/PM’s with the capability to comprehend and effectively demonstrate skills in Python - a development language that is effecting all financial institutions more and more. Whilst traditional BA/PM skills will always be required, those people who are data aligned will be in high demand.

“We have been working with Caspian One for the last 8 months to on-board skilled resources to augment a leading project within the Bank. They have proven time and again that they understand the business and the requirements, are capable of finding the right people for the job. Have built a solid relationship with Gavin, Adam and the firm generally and am comfortable the future needs and growth can be met through this relationship
MD - Programme Manager – GTB. Deutsche Bank

Market People Types:
Business Analyst

Specialist in PnL Balance Sheet and General Ledger projects, and regulatory change including ring-fencing balance sheet substantiation and FinRep and CoRep.

Market People Types:
Project Manager

Extensive FinRep and CoRep delivery experience, SME knowledge on balance sheet, general ledger and PnL. As well as working with financial regulatory requirements

Market People Types:
Change Director

Change specialist with deep understanding of both operational transformation and new product and tech. innovation. Bridges business and technology, with care for the impacts on people processes and tools, as well as commercial outcomes, trusted at both at line and exco level.