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Digital Product at Caspian One encapsulates all aspects of the UX and UI tech community, as it relates to Investment Banks, Hedge and Prop Funds, Financial Services, FinTech’s and Start ups; from initial research and design, to building platforms, data visualisation projects, shifts towards serverless architecture and more.

Our primary focus is on JavaScript and its associated subsets, as clients continue to move further towards this technology; with Flex and WPF legacy migration projects appearing prominently over the past 5 years. Although we are now coming towards the back end of most migration projects, banks are now focusing on rebuilding, refreshing and adding new features… as the technology continues to evolve.

Typically the JavaScript developers in our network have 5-15 years’ experience, commonly transitioning from Java/C# or legacy technologies like WPF/Flex, with a strong background in computer science. In some cases these people started in full stack or server side and have gradually found themselves drawn towards UI - often because of an interest in JavaScript and its versatility as an entirely self-sufficient language.

In addition, many developers pursue careers in UI/UX due to the greater interaction with people across the business. There tends to be higher levels of feedback and engagement, which can result in greater insights around what is and isn’t working, along with increased levels of job satisfaction and fulfilment.

This is also supported by the types of projects undertaken, as they can often be perceived as more creative and exciting - for example, taking thousands of numbers on a trading platform and using this data to build interactive and AI driven graphs, charts and easy to digest visuals.

Generally demand is not just for a JavaScript developer, but someone with JS + a niche subset. Examples include JavaScript + Node.js / + React Redux / + Angular / + Python, and so-on. In particularly high demand are people with JavaScript + AWS or experience and understand around Cloud-based programs, as-well-as JavaScript capabilities as they relate to quantitative development.
  • Internal and Customer UI product development
  • UX
  • Digital product management
  • UX Research & design led change.
  • UI Development using HTML5/CSS and JS with associated
    frameworks/libraries (React, Angular, Node etc.)
  • Full Stack UI focused Engineering JS/Java/C#
  • Interactive and iterative design
  • Wireframing, Prototyping, Adobe Creative Suite
This is a market less affected by regulatory changes, but still impacted by IR35’s private sector rollout in 2020 and its effect on contracting across the financial communities. 

Overall, demand for UI/UX JavaScript developers is very high in the market - especially people with niche subset skillsets. There is a trend towards Cloud-based platforms and serverless architecture (often built on node.js), but the most valuable strengths are found in understanding core JavaScript code.

Many developers are good at using a specific tool, but don’t understand what is happening beneath the framework, so can only build in react or angular for example. Comprehending not just how the framework fits together, but how it links to the server side and how the code interacts - that is hugely valuable today.

“Caspian One have proven to be trusted advisors and a highly valuable resource in our recent UX strategy. Their market knowledge, reach and upfront approach ensured swift and cost-effective delivery of a tailor-made pod of industry leading technologists. This team performed above all expectations researching, designing and building out our Front Office X-Asset trading platform in JavaScript, HTML5 and associated technologies.”
Global Head of UX – Tier 1 Investment Bank

Market People Types:
UX Consultant

Highly educated, industry proven UX Consultant with a deep understanding and appreciation of all aspects of UX. A perfectionist who has, time and time again, gone above and beyond for his clients ensuring their product is truly functioning to its full capability and usage.

Market People Types:
UI Product Manager

Seasoned Financial Product Manager with in excess of 30 front-to-back Digital Product implementations spanning his 25 year career. Extensive experience managing senior stakeholders with the ability to engage at all levels.

Market People Types:
JavaScript Engineer

An exceptional engineer of 20+ years’ experience in UI technologies capable of designing, architecting and building out greenfield UI trading platforms. Highly personable, pro-active and a team-player with an impressive portfolio of successful projects across multiple Front Office business domains.